Cold snap blows through Houston

Published On: Dec 26 2012 03:22:01 PM CST   Updated On: Dec 26 2012 04:46:15 PM CST

Dec. 26, 2012: Houstonians bundle up after temperatures drop dramatically.


A front that moved through on Christmas Day caused temperatures to drop into the 20s in many parts of southeast Texas.

"The temperature is freezing," one Houstonian said. "I wish it was snowing today."

But for some northerners who have moved to Houston, this isn't too bad.

"I'm from up north. I've been dealing with the cold. This is like cool weather to me. For real – I'm from Milwaukee," one person said.

Some people weren't prepared for the cold weather, so they headed out to stores looking for coats, hats and gloves. Many people don't want to spend more money on things after Christmas, but at least cold-weather items are on sale at many stores.

"We've had a lot of people coming through the doors buying fleece, buying jackets, hats, gloves," said Sandra Collette, an Academy employee.

The Johnson family was out walking Tuesday, as the temperature dropped from about 70 degrees to near 30 degrees.

"It felt like a tornado because the wind was pushing us back and forth," Ethan Johnson said. "When we were coming back home, three trees fell down."

Temperatures are expected to warm up into the mid 50s on Thursday and into the high 60s on Friday. Another front is expected to move through and drop temperatures back into the 50s for the weekend.

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